personal rewilding


okay, that's the common meaning of rewilding. but the environment isn't made only by plants and non-human animals. maybe we have forgotten it, but we are part of the environment too and it looks like we're not doing that great in the last centuries. so... what if we apply this same concept to ourselves? we can do it by modifying our lifestyle introducing in our daily routine some habits that resemble the way of living of our ancestors from the pre-agricultural era. we can apply this principle by changing our approach with technology, doing what we can to cut down on its use, by modifying our diet, introducing more raw food and edible wild plants, or by working on the way we use our five senses. sensorial rewilding is the main cornerstone of my rewilding coaching method. the main target is to re-learn how  to use our senses like we would do if we lived in the wild, and like non-human primates are still doing.