forest bathing


forest bathing is a therapy that promotes emotional balance, reduces stress and simultaneously boosts immune function. although dating back thousands of years, this therapeutic practice was codified in japan only in the early 2000s, when a series of clinical trials showed that passing a few hours in a forest and performing a series of exercises provided physical benefits that could be incontrovertibly measured through a series of diagnostic tests. it wasn't only stress-related parameters that improved (heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure, cortisol levels and inflammatory markers), but also immune function: there was an increase both in the number and in the activity of NK lymphocytes, a specific class of white blood cells that plays an essential role in suppressing cancer cells before they grow. further investigation clarified the cause of these surprising results. under particular conditions of heat and humidity, trees release in the air a concentration of a particular class of carbon compounds called VOCs (volatile organic compounds). these compounds interact with bacteria from the soil and the surface of leaves. the incredible benefits we derive from forest therapy depend on the interaction of these factors.
a forest bathing therapist is able to recognize the best type of vegetation and environmental conditions for maximizing the benefit coming from time spent in the woods and can guide participants through  a series of exercises of sensory stimulation, making the experience even more engaging.
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