i spent a big part of my life as a musician. i played the bass guitar for years, then i started making electronic dance music and became a techno producer. my stage name was guignol dangereux (my discography is still here if you're curious).then one day i decided i had enough of the music businness and screwed everything up. i resumed studying wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. learning so much about wildlife made me investigate the human-animal relationship, and this led to my interest in all the practices of personal rewilding and especially in recovering our ancestral nature of primates. in 2017 i published my first book on this topic, "la logica del gorilla", translated in english in 2019 as "don't mess with a silverback".
nowadays i work as forest bathing facilitator and personal rewilding coach. i spend my free time running, cycling, crawling, climbing trees, hiking with my family and fighting in the dojo.
i still make music when i'm asked, usually scores and sound-design stuff... and i'm always ready for a good busking session with my didgeridoo.