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by Gregorio Luisi (soweli Kwek)

"somewhere, in the inner depths of our consciousness, there's a sleeping gorilla. it's there since the beginning of our existence. but its sleep is never too sound. if we are in trouble it wakes up to help us. thanks to its strength and instinctuality, it's able to get us to safety in a matter of seconds. it's a pity, however, that we are no longer used to its presence and its rough manners. its towering figure frightens us too. but if we manage to overcome our fears, we will be able to make friends with it.
'apeminded' is the ideal sequel to the previous book 'don't mess with a silverback'. it was born with the same intent, to thoroughly investigate our nature of primates, but this time the main targets are the mental and behavioural dynamics that we share with our forest-dwelling cousins."

230 pages - available here.

the italian version, "la scimmia in testa", is available here.


"Don't mess with a Silverback"
by Gregorio Luisi (soweli Kwek)

 "humans and gorillas: two species of primates, albeit extremely similar from a genetic point of view, can embark on their evolutionary journey in such a different way that nowadays they seem to have no common features anymore, at least apparently. but the 98% of DNA that we share with them is still present in our genes and observing those big beasts from the right point of view can reveal some deep and hidden features of human nature. we will draw some surprising conclusions that will actually question the basics of what, until now, we have called civilization."

246 pages - available here.

 the italian version, "la logica del gorilla", is available here.


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