Saturday, March 2, 2024

a new book...


my new book has just been published. oddly this one isn't about apes, it's focused on language. the main idea is that simplifying our communication, the way we perceive reality is simplified too.
the need of a simple way to express our ideas and our feelings led me to exploring toki pona, the minimalistic language with a basic grammar structure and a vocabulary of less than 140 words.
so this book comprehends a toki pona grammar, a lot of exercises, a complete dictionary and some thematic vocabularies.
the book is in italian and an english version is not planned: there are already a lot of free resources about toki pona in english so there's no need for another book on the same matter.
as i found online and for free most of the resources i used when learning toki pona, i decided to follow the same route: i'm going to share for free the digital version of this book, just drop me a mail and i'll send you a .pdf file. a paperback version is available here, and it's pretty cheap too.