Saturday, January 13, 2024

green energy?


this image was taken in Denmark, but something similar is happening all over Europe. hectares of land are being set aside for the installation of photovoltaic panels that are supposed to produce a lot of energy from renewable sources, the kind of thing that the friday-for-future people like so much. these same panels, in addition to capturing and storing solar energy, insulate the soil from the rain water and the sunlight that allowed (and still allows) life to develop on our planet. preventing the soil's contact with rain and sunlight means to effectively sterilize it.
the consequence is the destruction of all terrestrial ecosystems, which are essentially based on plant life and microorganisms living in the soil. in the short term, this leads to the progressive disappearance of almost every animal and plant species over all affected areas and, as far as we sapiens are concerned, the inability to feed ourselves in the most physiological manner for our species, gathering fruits and leaves, forcing us into a kind of food dependence on those few who will still be able to produce food. the long-term result of this brilliant initiative will be making entire areas of the planet unfit to host any form of life.
but we will easily fill up our fucking (but politically correct) electric car with green energy.

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